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5 Tips on Moving Forward in Life

​Moving on is not just for those who have been broken hearted but it is also about moving forward in life. How would you know that you’re moving on with life? There are some things that’s hard to let go, so if you ask me “Is it really hard to move on?” Yes, totally! It takes a lot of time but the thing is you’re still moving forward even if it’s slowly , it’s fine. 

Here’s my tips:


Think about what is holding you back? Is it your feelings? Missing something on your childhood? Miss having great time with friends? You did something bad? Reflect on what is holding you back in moving forward. Write it down, it can also be a great way on releasing stress. You must really figure out the problem in the first place.


You should accept that past is past, never ever let the past ruin your present. So when your friend left you for another friend, for new friends? Do not be depressed and be like “I’m going to find better friends than you! I hate you!,” remember you have a lot of great memories with that person, and also do not stuck up in “why did my friend left me? I’m not a good friend,” you’re just torturing yourself. Again, accept it! You should also see those persons that always there for you. You might not notice but they might feel the same way and think that you’re only there when you need something, so be happy with what you have. It’s a great way to move on when you accept things.


I’ve read this amazing quote saying “you can if you believe you can”, by an anonymous. Therefore believe in yourself, believe that you can move on because actually you can. It’s just that you don’t know how long it takes.


We can learn a lot in every life’s challenges and in every memories that we had. Each experiences we have, it always leave us a lesson. In other words, for you to move on you should learn from your experiences, always be open for change and improve yourself.


I think this is the hardest thing to do especially when that someone or something means a lot to you but you cannot hold onto that because nothing’s permanent. Sometimes when you hold onto something so tight, it can put more damage to you. So even though it’s hard, you still must let go.

So Again! Reflect, accept, believe, learn and let go. I hope these tips would help you to move forward in your life.

-Kristel Crisostomo



I am weird and I write what I want.

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