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Unknown Feelings

Did you? Yes you! Did you ever feel an “unknown feelings?” Feelings that even you cannot understand. Do you have times wherein you do not know how you feel, it’s just plain and emotionless, or the times when you do not know whether it’s right or wrong, whether you’re happy or sad.

Did you ever feel the “mixed feelings?” Feelings that you cannot really identify. Did you even feel sad, angry, happy, funny, stupid, frustrated, lonely, scared at the same time? It is kind of weird and crazy, right? I mean, how can a person have those feelings at the same time? 

But… I feel like that, right now. I would just go with the flow without understanding what I really feel. It’s just kind of sad that I cannot understand myself. Though it’s also fun that I could write it here. I just really don’t know what I feel, I hope I’m just hungry. I’m also hoping that tomorrow I would understand this feelings. 

– Kristel V. Crisostomo ABCOMM 402



I am weird and I write what I want.

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