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Kristel Chaos

​Should I always lie to myself? Should I?
I always say it’s fine, I’m good, or I’m happy even if I am really not? I want to make people happy, I always care but why do I feel unwanted? 
I know people really don’t care about me. Who am I to them? Nothing. If I die today, some would cry, most of them would just just give their sympathetic looks and deep inside don’t care or glad to see me dead.

I’m so dramatic, anti-social, overthinker, sensitive and negative. I see that a lot of people do not like me and some might have been gossiping about my attitude. Sometimes I try to fit in but I still end up being alone. I have no one to talk to about my thoughts so I write it here. I just want to take out everything that’s hurting me. I want to cry, laugh and move on with my problems. 

I’m depressed, stress, alone, drain and dying inside. I know everyone has their own problems so why would they care. Why would you? If you read this, I appreciate it a lot.





I am weird and I write what I want.

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