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Inspiring Quote #3

“Pray before you Overthink.” – The 700 Club
I got this from Facebook (The 700 Club) and this little quote made my day better. I’m a person who always tend to overthink and worries on little things. Even though it’s really nothing, I still overthink and this quote really helped a lot. Some of my friends tells me that I’m too negative and maybe they are right. When I follow this quote, I feel relieved and relaxed. So whenever I feel like overthinking again, I would pray. This quote is so beautiful and useful to me. 
So to all the people who always overthink like me, we all know what to do. You will lose nothing if try following this quote. I also hope that you would appreciate this little lovely quote.
–Kristel V. Crisostomo P402

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Inspiring Quote #1

“If you are good today, your challenge is to be better tomorrow”
– Father Sherwin (OLPP Priest)

I’m really amazed by this quote and I was wondering, “How can I be better tomorrow?” I want to make a change, a change that all of us will benefit. Maybe in the future, I could have the ability to do that but for now, I would be a better me for my family, for my friends and for my neighborhood.

We can do a lot of good things because we are blessed and we are a blessing for everyone. We should become better and eventually we could give our best! The real BEST that hides inside us. I hope that you are also amazed and you got inspired by that quote.

– Kristel Crisostomo